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Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repiar

What is paintless dent repair?


Paintless dent repair is the art of removing minor dents and dings from a vehicle without the need for body filler or paint.  Repairs are performed by straightening the damaged metal with the use of specialized tools and techniques. 


Paintless dent repair is ideal for hail damage, door dings, shopping cart dents and other minor damage that has not broken the paint.  In instances where the paint has been damaged straightening of the metal may still be possible but touchup of the chipped/cracked area would be required.


In most circumstances the metal is straightened by hand from the back side using specially designed leverage tools.  In instances where the back side of a panel is not accessible the dent will be repaired using adhesive, tabs and pullers designed to pull the metal outward.


The scope and size of dents that can be repaired will vary based upon the type and location of the damage.  Sharp or creased areas as well as lack of access increase the difficulty.  Understanding this is important but the most crucial factor in the quality of your repair is the skill and experience of the technician performing the work.


When you have your vehicle repaired by Dents Disappear you can be assured you are in the best hands.  Your work will be performed by some of the most experienced and skilled technicians in the country.  We have been serving the CNY area since 1994 and provide the highest quality repairs in the area.  
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